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Handmade soap from Mentone, Alabama atop Lookout Mountain

Our soaps are handmade by the owner of the Little River Soap Company, Mildred Lowry. With a century of soap making in DeKalb County Alabama, our family has refined basic lye soap by the addition of botanicals and medicinal grade essential oils. For skin soothing and smoothing, try one of our many blends of all natural, small batch products. A rich family history of old timey recipes, resulting in a rich lathering natural soap, bares the success of this company.  My basic lye soap is from a recipe passed down through my family from the 1800's. Although I had another career, my roots brought me home 20 years ago when I decided to share the benefits of Mama T's all natural handmade soap with the public. Our soaps are made using the hot process in small batches, no dyes or fragrances are ever added, only food grade, organic products are used, we are working on new beneficial blends constantly, please check back often.

Mildred Lowry can be contacted at:

Phone : 318-669-4427

Email : [email protected]

Mildred also operates the Spinning Wheel , in Mentone, Alabama, where you can also purchase the handmade soaps shown on our PRODUCTS page.

Canine BFF
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Man And Beast
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